Founded in 2013 by a Montreal Landscape Architect and an American Architect, RobitailleCurtis brings significant international background to its personal, creative, and detail oriented practice. Offering services in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and interiors, RobitailleCurtis achieves elegant designs that are beautiful in form, rich in material composition, and have a lasting sense of integrity and durability.  Sensitive to client aspirations and to the character of place, RobitailleCurtis crafts an architecture that is authentic, efficient, and endeavors to elevate the human spirit.


 Sophie Robitaille is a registered Landscape Architect, a member of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the Association des Architectes Paysagistes du Quebec. She has led high profile, award-winning projects throughout North America and in Europe. Sophie`s portfolio comprises a broad range of landscape architectural projects including public, institutional, residential, and urban design commissions. Her designs are multifaceted; adding vibrancy and beauty to the landscape, while supporting and enhancing social dynamics and environmental functionality. 




Teressa Peill is a Landscape Architect. She obtained a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from University of Toronto (2012) and a BA in Political Science with a Double Minor in Urban Studies and Environment Studies (2008).   She grew up in rural Nova Scotia working at her family's nursery. This unique experience forged her refined knowledge of plants and an innate passion for engaging the landscape hands on. From a young age, Teressa has been responsible for on-site project management and construction administration for residential projects. In recent years, she has applied her expertise to award winning high-end residences. This has led to her pragmatic, efficient, and detail oriented approach.


Andrew Curtis is a registered Architect in the United States, a Member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and a Member of the American Institute of Architects. He has worked on significant building projects in the United States and the United Kingdom.  With a background in furniture and the decorative arts, Andrew’s keen attention to detail and craftsmanship are integral to each project.  He is a LEED Accredited Professional who has designed LEED Gold certified buildings, and brings a broad understanding of sustainable design considerations to each project.

Photography by - © Ryan Donnell